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marble jaliThe trend of putting stone jalis around the fences is not new but it has revived with the change of time, recently. It has become a fashion and people are now buying these for their terrace and outer walls. Theses jalis are strong and resistant to many factors like corrosion and breakage which makes them a strong choice for covering the fences. Apart from being strong these are beautifully carved and painted; various forms of these like fully engraved, circular, triangular, etc are available with us.

These are available in various stones also like marble, sandstone etc. and give a distinct look to the house. Even commercial buildings are adorned with these. The concept of putting it on the buildings is age old and the ancient houses as well as monuments also had these and were used on a large scale.

The jalis are made in India itself and various stores are catering to the manufacturing of these. Elegant Natural Stones has an age old expertise in carving beautiful masterpieces and has contributed in the construction of beautiful architects. These have their unique features which make them quite attractive to use:

Availability: These are available in large quantities and in various designs sizes and textures. There is also a wide choice of stones. Generally, sandstone jalis are famous and are in trend.stone jali supplier

Awesome appearance: Stone Jalis have beautiful appearance and look elegant when placed on the terrace and outer fences.

Highly Affordable : These are comparatively cheaper when compared to other decorative items or compared to iron or wood fences.

No maintenance: Stone jalis are easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily.

Variety of designs and patterns: These have a variety of designs and patterns and can be used according to the structure of the house. These can be painted in whichever color one likes and can be made symmetrical.

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