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limestone1It is a kind of sedimentary rock that is comprised of calcium carbonate. It is generally available in various forms including crystalline, granular or massive and its forms depends on the way they are being formed. The variation in the color of limestone is the result of the presence of diverse sorts of impurities that include sand, iron dioxide, clay and many more materials. Though it is relatively less resistant yet it is immensely popular due to its readily availability and convenience into cutting into blocks and intricate carving.

In India, there are available numerous varieties of limestone that include tiger limestone, K blue limestone, K brown limestone, J yellow limestone, C black limestone, C black honed, lime pink and lime green limestone, polished kota brown, gold limestone and lot more. Limestone is used in various industries like steel, glass, cement, etc.
The physical attributes of limestone include hardness and compactness. It is basically finely grained calcareous rocks of sedimentary nature.

limestone2Elegant Natural Stones is among those premier suppliers that are extremely capable of undertaking custom orders related to limestone of any color-combination, size, thickness, edge profile, finishing, etc. Besides offering premium quality limestone at affordable pricing, we have gained sufficient experience in delivering customized products related to granite, quartzite, slate stone, sandstone, etc. Please feel free to contact us by phone or drop us a query and we would be glad to revert your query promptly.

We want to carve out a unique name in the industry and for that we are dedicated to offer world-class products to our valuable clients and customers. Quality is one of the main features of our company, but there is lot more besides that, which you can expect from our side. We also lay a strong emphasis on offering excellent customer services, on-time delivery and impeccable packaging services that too by complying with all ethical standards.

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