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Brown Rainforest Marble

brown rainforest marbleBidasar is a natural type of stone marble that is being found in Rajasthan state. It is also widely known as rainforest green marble. It possesses commendable strength along with aesthetic appeal. Apart from that, it is valued for being fire and erosion resistant. However, Bidasar rock is also popularly known by various other names that include forest brown, fancy green, fancy brown, etc. This kind of stone is extremely in demand these days since they possess beautiful design patterns. The popularity of Bidasar stone is not just restricted to the country of India but, it is widely popular in US and European nations where construction houses and interior designers prefer making the best use of these stones in constructing breath-taking architectures.

These rocks are ultra-fine and mainly available in the shades of green color and brown color. However, the pattern of the stones may differ from dense and dark shades to the light shades that depend on the areas from which these stones have been obtained.

bidasar green marbleFew stones are that much fine in nature that they bear a striking resemblance from a dense forest or at times, also from the portrait of light that is drizzling on the sand. There are various application areas of Bidasar stones that enhance its popularity. Small size stones are often used in the decoration of pathways and fountains of the garden. Apart from that, they are used at large-scale for diverse interior-designing purposes since they are fireproof by nature and feature low maintenance.

Whether, one wants to construct stone pillars or wants to get the flooring done, these stones are competent of offering outstanding results. In order to know about the suitable Bidasar stones, please go through our catalog. We also cater to the customized requirements of our valuable clients so that we can offer more satisfaction to them. Thus, please feel free to contact us regarding your queries and customized requirements.

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